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Tournament Play Referral Program

(valid for new nft mints and new token purchases only)

Referral Payouts
(NOT holding NFT)

1-4 referrals = 100k per referral
5-9 referrals = 150k per referral
10+ referrals = 200k per referral
(100 referrals = max bag)

Referral Payouts
(Holding NFT)

1-4 referrals = 200k per referral
5-9 referrals = 300k per referral
10+ referrals = 400k per referral
(50 referrals = max bag)

Referral rewards paid out in USDTree tokens. Referrals must sign up for Tournament Play in order for payouts to occur.

We are looking for individual gamers & teams to join Tournament Play.

Teams could be a group from your favorite lounge, private, or could even be a team comprised of random token holders from any token that would like to compete. 

How Referrals Join
Tournament Play

1. Sign Up for a member account using the login button at top of page.

Login Button.png

2. Sign Up using Google

SignUp Screen.png

3. Purchase 0.15 BNB worth of USDTree tokens
Purchase 1 Rooter NFT

4. Send token txn hash to site admin via chat

Site admin will approve your entrance into the Member section of the website upon confirmation of the steps above.

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